Enexis is a grid operator in the energy sector. We provide for the transmission of electricity to 2.8 million customers and of gas to 2.3 million customers in the Dutch provinces Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Noord-Brabant and Limburg. In addition, we help companies optimise their energy supply, we stimulate energy savings and we invest in the energy system of the future. In this manner, the energy supply becomes increasingly sustainable and we channel energy in the right direction. With its around 4,500 employees, Enexis Group works on maintaining a reliable energy supply, so that customers can use energy at any time of the day.

We ensure, now and in the future, that our grids can handle the demand and the supply of energy and that energy is distributed as efficiently as possible. We also facilitate the energy market, for example, by making metering data available. We also regard it as our role to connect parties in the energy chain to realise the objectives of the Energy Agreement together. By working together with the government and market parties, we can accelerate the energy transition.  The market in which we work is becoming increasingly dynamic. Instead of just one-way traffic there is now two-way traffic in our energy grids.



KIVI is The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers, it focusses on networking and building your career. It is organized in discipline-based sections like Electrical Engineering, Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering etc. and cross-disciplinary parts like KIVI students. All engineering disciplines are represented. They organize activities such as lectures, debates, symposia, company visits and more.

KIVI Students Eindhoven is the bridge between the academic world and the industry. Our goal is to inspire students and show them what their future career could look like. Besides that, is it easy to make connections with professionals or take a look at some companies through us. Who knows, maybe you could find your internship or even your future job with our help!

With over 20.000 engineers in our network there is a whole lot of knowledge stored. The diversity of knowledge is what results in big successes in (innovation) projects. We organize different activities to make sure everyone can find each other in our network so you and other people could profit from this.

For more information check:
for KIVI students: https://www.kivi.nl/afdelingen/kivi-students-eindhoven.
for sections: https://www.kivi.nl/english/sections/overview-of-all-sections
for Electrical Engineering: https://www.kivi.nl/afdelingen/elektrotechniek

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